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Plan Selection and Design

The first and most important step in the plan development process is to assist the employer in designing the right type of retirement plan for their company and employees. This generally involves understanding the employer’s goals and budget concerns, reviewing and evaluating their present benefit structure, proposing various options that meet their needs, and then designing the appropriate retirement plan for the employer based on their identified needs.

Plan Documentation and Implementation

Walker Benefits will implement the appropriate type of retirement plan for the employer, whether it’s a prototype plan (standardized or nonstandardized), a volume submitter plan, or an individually designed plan. We will also provide all related plan documentation, such as summary plan descriptions, enrollment and administrative forms, and any other related materials. If appropriate, Walker Benefits will also prepare any necessary IRS determination letter applications.

Plan Administration and Compliance

Employer sponsored retirement plans generally must adhere to complex rules, regulations, and testing requirements enforced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL). Walker Benefits will serve as the Third-Party Administrator to ensure compliance with these requirements and maximize the success of the employer’s retirement plan.

Our administration services include the following: